Diwali special offers!

60% discount on branded cloth..
70% discount on branded shoes..
50% discount on DSLR and digital camera..
And many more offers..
Free Scratch Coupon and Get Special prizes Up to 10,000/- Rs..

So, What Are You Waiting For?

In the name of the offers, all of these companies which fool the customers! Like why? Isn’t it important for the customers to know which product is beneficial and which is harmful.

These companies claim exciting offers on the products we buy for no good reason and regret later.

In public interest, we request you to follow below guidelines when you going to purchase the product:

1. Discuss about the product which you are interested in (with colleagues, friends and family)
2. The product had a cross mark on the MRP area which is only for show off.
3. Then check the MRP of the product on the other websites and apps.
4. Learn what goods are available with purchase time with product.
5. After buying the product, read the terms and conditions properly.
6. However, all companies withdraw product but at the time of the festival, your money is not quickly deposited in the bank, so be careful.
7. There is a duplicate copy of all products in the market, check the product twice after you receive the product.

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