In rainy season we come across beautiful creation of God i.e. all kind of flamingo birds in Vasai-Virar region. It is also found in many different regions.

Many of them have information about this species and location where they are in groups of hundreds or even in thousands. They are usually found in winter season around November to December, which last till February and fly away to Sewri or some other location like Mahul, Naigaon etc.

We can find this beautiful creation in western suburb at Naigaon station. This is exactly between Vasai Rd and Naigaon. A small village connected with lots of trees , farming field and beautiful birds from local trains.

Click here for shows the photography done at Naigaon, Vasai Rd.

Below are some areas where we can find species in rainy season:

1. Chembur creek area.
2. Thane to Airoli bridge and even across the Bhandup pumping station.
3. In Vasai-Virar(Vasai creek area, Naigaon creek area, Virar creek area, Kelve- danda bridge creek area etc.)

Take guidance and help from local villagers and reach the creek.

Flamingo Facts and Information

There are six species of Flamingo called the American Flamingo (Caribbean Flamingo), Andean Flamingo, Chilean Flamingo, Greater Flamingo, James’s Flamingo (Puna Flamingo), and Lesser Flamingo.

Two species of flamingos visiting in above the area: the Greater and Lesser Flamingos

Why are Flamingos Pink and what do they eat?

Flamingos are actually born with grey feathers but later they gain a pink plumage which is due to their natural diet of shrimp and algae which contain pigments called carotenoids. Captive Flamingos are fed with a special diet otherwise beta-carotene or canthaxanthin additives may be added to their food to maintain their pink feathers.

Get more details about flamingos. click here

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