Travelling in “Mumbai local train” has became so dangerous that people forget that someone is eagerly waiting at home for them. Every day we come across so many train accidents due to travelling in such overcrowded train, sometimes we ourselves come across such accidents.

In India most of politicians say that we had done lot of things for railways for example increased the no. of trains, frequency, fare, comfort and facilities etc. But the fact is different one travelling in these local train knows what hurdles come in their journey while travelling towards their destination. Politicians or high society people are least concern because they do not come across such problems. I don’t want to speak about politics, because they are here to make money. They least concern about the common people.

While waiting on platform we always hear the announcement from railway department that “Do not get into in running train”. But reality is totally different if we won’t jump in running train and wait for a train to stop and then to have a seat, then it is not possible to get seat. Since the people pay the fare and they can travel with ease people jump in running train to have a seat.

To reduce this hectic load in local trains there are many solutions which can be taken. For example we will consider the western railway, if over bridge is constructed from Bhayender to Naigaon then many people travelling towards Borivali-Andheri would opt to go by road and list goes on.

Me being an Indian and especially local mumbaikar I would like to convey a message to all my dear friends that “Someone is waiting at home”. Please for whom they are waiting & for you think little bit and do not try to jump in running train to avoid unwanted accidents. In this fast running life everyone is in hurry ,but even though you get in this overcrowded train please make sure that you will reach safely to your destination, if not then please think about it get down from train if possible. Usually it is tendency that just jumps and then we get a way but always it is not possible.

People do not intentionally do this mistake but they had to reach their office or at home on time that’s the reason the get in train, hangs on door etc. As the crowd is increasing the trains are becoming insufficient but we cannot blame anyone. So please think about you, your family and try to travel safely in trains.

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