Vasai-Virar Marathon 2022

Vasai-Virar Marathon 2022

The history of Vasai dates back to ancient Puranic times. Vasai was a trading post for many Greek, Arab, Persian and Roman merchants and traders.

Residents of Vasai are called Vasaikar in Marathi, with the suffix “kar(कर)” meaning ‘resident’. The term was used since Basin was officially renamed as Vasai. The Vasaikar diaspora outside the state of Maharashtra and outside India refer to themselves as Mumbai because of their international recognition and because Vasai is located in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, on the edge of suburban Mumbai.


Vasai-Virar’s population grew at the same rate as employment started to be created in Mumbai and eventually the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) was established on 3 July 2009.

Vasai-Virar Corporation limits and outside the limits include sea, trees, churches, bungalows, ponds, groves, creeks, forts, and many famous monasteries, temples, masjids, temples, and villages, giving a different excitement and exhilaration to the marathon runners passing through that area comes.

People from the village greet the runners with DG sound and clap their hands on the road, also giving water to the tired runners to motivate them to continue.

Yes, It is just not only important to win the race but it is more important to explore the race and compel others to join the race because good health is the hallmark of marathon.

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